21 People Share The Weirdest Rumors They’ve Heard About Themselves

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Let’s face it—everyone loves to talk trash about other people. No matter who you are, or where you grew up, it’s safe to say that you’ve either gossiped about other people or you’ve heard some petty gossip about yourself. No city, town, or state is safe from the rumor train that goes riding around the neighborhood at least five times a week. Where I’m from, every single mother had their big ol’ noses in our business and let me tell you—things got messy.

But, it’s not only kids that deal with the petty drama. As you grow older, the gossip and rumors go from innocent high school problems to real life, real world, real big problems. While the high school stuff stung like a bug bite, the adult sh*t… well, let’s just say that these kinds of rumors have the potential to ruin your life. Recently, people on Reddit began to share the wildest rumors they had ever heard about themselves, and wow, I’m honestly glad I’m not the victim of any of these bizarre-o fibs.

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