16 Perfect Instagram Captions For Your Summer Beach Selfie

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If you’re trying to up your beach selfie game to a Kim Kardashian level, you’re going to need a couple things. First things first? A great landscape. Whether you’re on a well-deserved holiday vacay to the nearest body of water you can find à la Taylor Swift and company or you’re surfing on the coast at sunset, you’re going to have the opportunity to catch a great selfie. You can use the sand, the sun and anything else to your advantage. You can grab all your friends for the photo Ellen DeGeneres style, or you can keep that spotlight on yourself. We’ll be sure to hit the ‘like’ button either way. (We follow back!) Next, you’ll need a solid set-up. You might have a very wonderful and patient significant other helping set up the angles and lighting or the old and ever reliable selfie stick. Extra lights on your phone? We highly support it. If you’re taking a bomb selfie, you might as well be extra! Snap away.

Finally? A caption, of course. It doesn’t matter if you’re sifting through hashtags to use on Instagram, posting to friends and family on Facebook or making sure you send the right message on Snapchat, the caption is an important piece of the selfie situation. Sometimes being straightforward is key, but we never shy away from a pun or a dad joke either. It’s okay to have fun with it or to be a little cheeky (see what we did there?) Check out 16 of our best captions that will be perfect for your summer beach selfie.

“Sorry, I’m out of the office until …”

Let’s get right to the point. You’re at the beach, and you can’t come to the phone right now. Leave a message (or don’t)! We won’t judge you if you want to put your actual full OOO as your caption. You’ve got to let the people know what’s up right? Especially if you’re at the beach on a weekday or taking a little time off for a quick getaway, you’ve got to let your many fans know that this is a no-talk time. We’ll get back to you once we’ve got a bikini tan line, we’re feeling fully relaxed and we’re out of mojitos.

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