Becky G X ColourPop “Hola Chola” Accused Of Ripping Off Idea From Small Business Owner

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ColourPop and Becky G dropped their “Hola Chola” beauty collab meant to honor the singer/actress’s Mexican heritage. Hola Chola has lip glosses, lipsticks, lip pencils, bronzers, and pressed powders and the products were so hyped up. That was until a small business owner who apparently “crossed paths” with Becky G called out the brand for getting their inspiration from Hola Chola Inc. without giving them proper credit.

“I hope you realizer you should give my cousin @holacholainc the shoutout she deserves for the inspo behind your new lipstick collab. Perhaps this was unintentional? You have crossed paths with her and the hashtag #HolaChola shows all of the hard work she has put into her Latina woman owned small business. Women support women,” one person wrote. The Instagram Story was reposted to Hola Chola Inc’s IG Story, too.

“What a damn shame when your own people blatantly steal branding and ideas… This is disgusting,” another user wrote on IG… again reposted by the Hola Chola IG Story.

According to its Instagram page, Hola Chola Inc. was launched in 2015 and has amassed over 17 thousand followers in nearly five years. The page is reposting supporters who call it the “real Hola Chola.” It appears Hola Chola Inc. is primarily a clothing brand based in Austin, Texas. “HOLA CHOLA is made to immerse the culture of Latin American urban life into a variety of retail goods,” its business Facebook reads.

Becky G. and Colourpop have not yet commented on the controversy. However, some say the phrase “Hola chola,” is so common in Latinx communities that no one can take ownership of the term.