Inside Bhad Bhabie’s Massive Makeup Deal

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What a difference a few years can make! When we first met Danielle Bregoli as a guest on Dr. Phil in 2016, she was a rebellious (to put it mildly) teenager who admitted to stealing cars, swiping her mother’s credit card, and running away whenever she felt like it.

While her tumultuous relationship with her mother, Barbara Ann, was meant to be the crux of the episode, Danielle’s most memorable moment came when she told Dr. Phil’s audience members, whom she referred to as ‘hoes,’ to “Cash me outside, how ‘bout dah?” (Translation: “Catch me outside [to fight], how about that?”)


Just like that, an internet sensation was born. With that single one-liner, the reality star launched herself into the meme stratosphere as viewers the world over found humor in her unique “street” slang.

These days, however, it’s Danielle, a.k.a. Bhad Bhabie, who’s laughing … all the way to the bank. According to People, the 15 (yes, 15)-year-old Florida native just landed a six-month endorsement deal with CopyCat Beauty for — are you ready for this? — $900,000.

That’s right! For half a year’s worth of work, the YouTube sensation will earn nearly $1 million — a monetary feat that many will never achieve in their lifetimes.

If you’re scratching your head in wonderment, allow CopyCat to explain. “We chose Danielle for our brand because she speaks to an entire generation and doesn’t believe in hype and overpaying,” a rep for the brand told People. “She is in it to be a visionary not just for the money.”

But will the beauty industry agree or will she be laughed out of the space? My money’s on her being taken seriously, and I’ll tell you why.

For starters, Danielle has already proven her staying power. Where other viral teen stars have faded into obscurity after their 15 minutes of fame were up (Rebecca Black, anyone?) the TV personality has managed to parlay her time in the spotlight in a legit music career — girl signed a multi-million deal for multiple albums wth Atlantic Records in September 2017.

And that’s not all! A 12-episode docuseries titled Bringing Up Bhabie will reportedly debut on Snapchat later this year.

All of that adds up a massive social media following, and I do mean massive: On Instagram alone, the “These Heauxe” crooner boasts 15.7 million followers. Let’s put that into perspective, shall we? Julia Roberts, the original Pretty Woman, Oscar-winning actress, and Lancôme spokesmodel, has 4.8. Grammy winning chartreuse Christina Aguilera has 5.9. And Oprah, the legendary media mogul, actress, activist, philanthropist, and all-around human deity has 15.8.

Is that CopyCat endorsement beginning to make sense yet?

If not, consider the fact that Danielle’s deal with CopyCat isn’t her first foray into cosmetics: This is a young woman who knows her way around a makeup tutorial. A 5:00-minute clip of her teaching fans how to recreate her eyelashes got more than six million hits on YouTube.

[youtube_iframe id=”5D–IIbsTrQ”]

Last but not least, the numbers don’t lie: If early sales are any indicator, she’s well on her way to the Kyle Jenner-level hype she’s predicting for herself: The brand revealed to TMZ that first-day sales reached more than $500,000 (that’s a lot of $3 lipsticks!).

Welcome to the world of beauty, Bhad Bhabie.

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