Jackie Aina Is Accused Of Using Derivative Of The N-Word In ABH Palette Name

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Jackie Aina Palette

YouTube / Jackie Aina

YouTuber Jackie Aina recently revealed her stunning eyeshadow palette in collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills and, as with every influencer collaboration, people have a lot to say about it. The palette was designed to cater to people of all skin tones, but with darker skin tones in mind particularly as Jackie is a woman of color herself and is known for speaking up against racial discrimination in the beauty industry. However, some people are accusing one of the palette’s shade names of being a “racist slur” and they are not happy about it.

Critics have drawn attention to a shade in the palette named “Wiggalese.” Some people believe that the name is a derivative of the word “w*gger” or “w*gga,” which, according to Urban Dictionary, is a slang word used to refer to white people who exhibit traditionally black archetypes and is a derivative of the n-word.

Fans of Jackie have come to her defense, claiming that the shade name is just a playful reference to wigs, which Jackie swears by. Jackie herself even brought attention to the shade in her reveal video, explaining that the name is literally just about wigs.

“So Wiggalese is just basically legal jargon but basically the wig equivalent of that,” she said. “You know, the definition of the word legalese, just take that and apply it to wigs. You know, the legalization of something can be described as the wigilization of something.”

Watch Jackie’s full product announcement below!


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