Fans Want Their Money Back For “Melted” & “Smelly” Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Lipsticks

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YouTube / Jaclyn Hill

YouTube queen Jaclyn Hill recently launched her cosmetics line with a 20-shade nude lipstick collection. From watching her reveal video, the lipstick shades looked STUNNING, the formula looked CREAMY, and the packaging was GLAM AF. We had super high hopes for the brand, so we’re sad to see fans are having negative experiences with their new lipsticks. Many customers received their orders this week and have been taking to Twitter to reveal that their products came melted, broken, lumpy, or broke on first use.

Although Jaclyn hasn’t responded to most bad reviews, she has replied to some in a defensive manner. The influencer took the time to reply to the tweet of one customer who said her lipstick was “lumpy,” despite giving a glowing review of her other shades in previous tweets. Jaclyn originally replied: “… you posted swatches 2 days ago loving the lipsticks? Now you’re wondering why it’s lumpy? It’s obvious this lipstick is used & not fresh from the factory. Like any other lipstick, if you use it over other products, have dry lips etc, things like this can happen.” However, the tweet has since been deleted.

Jaclyn then sent another tweet to the customer, writing: “Honest to God, I have not seen one other person complain about this & I take my reviews very seriously. It’s obvious the lipstick was used (you could see other product on top) and since her first review was great, it’s hard to know the actual issue.” She then asked people to make it known if they have similar issues and apologized for being defensive.

Fans are angry at the beauty mogul for not publicly addressing the widespread issues with her lipsticks. One Twitter user wrote: “it is very frustrating that you blatantly refuse to address the issues with your product. There are bumps, plastic has been found in them, they smell bad, they have melted and broken, the formula doesn’t matter if you cannot use the product.”

Other customers are also taking issue with the brand’s customer service team after having problems with their order delivery.

Jaclyn is yet to address the drama, but she’s been continuously resharing positive reviews of her products, which is kind of outrageous. We smell an apology video in the works…

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