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Jaclyn Hill Drops Video Addressing Lipstick Drama & Denies Mold / Hairs On Her Products

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YouTube / Jaclyn Hill

After a week of mediocre explanations, Jaclyn Hill just dropped a YouTube video explaining what the hell is going on with her hairy lipsticks. There have been multiple issues reported with the lipsticks in the last number of days — customers have said they received products that are moldy, hairy, gritty and full of little disturbing black holes. There have also been reports of people having reactions and getting rashes from the product. It was a whole ordeal.

Jaclyn jumped straight into her 14-minute explanation video with little-to-no emotion, which is pretty unusual for her. She didn’t try to sell a sob story or say how devastated she is that the lipsticks are bad, but instead addressed the accusation that her product is unsafe, moldy or expired.

“The first thing I want to address before anything else is the accusations that my lipsticks are expired, moldy, or hazardous in any way, shape, or form,” she said. “My lipsticks are not moldy, they are not hazardous, they are not contaminated, they are not unsafe for you in any way shape or form. Every single ingredient in my lipsticks is new and it is FDA approved.”

She then proceeded to put pictures of documents on the screen that she labeled “receipts,” proving her FDA approval. However, the forms were dated all the way back to 2017, which doesn’t help the whole expired rumor. She did say that her lipsticks only went into mass production during the same month as her launch and that she didn’t sell year-old lipsticks to her fans.

Jaclyn then went on to address the creepy black holes that RawBeautyKristi and other customers had in their lipsticks. “What these black dots are, are actually oxygen bubbles and they are being lifted to the surface when my lipstick bullet is being cooled off from a hot temperature.”
“Sometimes those oxygen bubbles don’t make it all the way through, and you’ll see little itty bitty black holes, again it is not mold — it is oxygen and 100% safe.”

The beauty mogul then commented on the texture of the lipsticks after some customers complained about receiving gritty and lumpy products. She said this issue was caused by the large “vats” used in her lab to mix the product not breaking down her raw materials properly. She put this down to producing so many lipsticks too quickly. “We made a lot of product in a very short amount of time, and although we all thought that it was going to be perfect and fresh that’s not the case. We moved too quickly and because of that, the ingredients are not broken down.”

One of the biggest issues people were having with their Jaclyn Cosmetics lipsticks was tiny hairs being found on top of and inside the product. Jaclyn had already addressed this on Twitter, citing white gloves used in her labs as the issue — a reason she reiterated in her video. She said that her lab used white, cotton gloves during quality control rather than standard plastic gloves to avoid leaving marks on her silver lipstick tubes. She said that the white hairs customers can see on their lipsticks are there because of the lab staff taking off and putting back on new white gloves multiple times a day, causing the “white fluffies” to circulate in the air and land in products. However, fans have already claimed that’s an obvious lie — Jaclyn and her crew were seen in the lab wearing blue gloves prior. She also said that the lab was cleaning those big vats containing the liquidized product with a towel… for real.

Jaclyn also addressed the lipsticks that were melted or broken, saying that the product is a very creamy and emollient-based product, therefore they were melting slightly while being transported in containers and in packages that were left on porches in the heat. “Please give your lipsticks enough time to fully cool off before you go in and apply it.”

Jaclyn finished the video by saying “I just want to make you guys happy and that’s all that matters to me.” She also reiterated that she is committed to “making things right for my customers.”

“This is my first launch, and it’s very embarrassing,” she said, adding that her company will be offering refunds and new product to any customers experiencing the issues. “Contact [email protected]… we will take care of everything for you and make it right.”


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