Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson Drag Kylie Jenner Over New Skin Care Line

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YouTube / Jeffree Star

Whether you love him or hate him, everyone can agree that if a product is kind of crappy, Jeffree Star is going to be the one to say it. Over the weekend, the beauty influencer teamed up with his YouTuber friend Shane Dawson to review Kylie Jenner’s highly controversial skincare line Kylie Skin, and let’s just say they weren’t the biggest fans of it.

Jeffree and Shane tried the entire range, including the facial wipes, foaming wash, and infamous walnut scrub. They were super critical of the products, saying the facial wipes were dry and that the overall cosmetics line was basic. “My face feels basic. Feel me. Basic!” Jeffree said.

Jeffree, who owns his own cosmetic company, was also critical of the ingredients in some of Kylie’s products, including fragrances which can be irritating to the skin and also a drying alcohol-based ingredient in the eye cream. Overall, they said the products were “okay” or “didn’t feel great.” They did say the packaging was cute, but how wrong can you go with basic pastel pink packaging and white text? Just sayin’…

This isn’t the first time Jeffree has had problems with Kylie’s products. He infamously slated her lip kit brushes online, all while recording himself throwing them in the trash. He also gave a negative review of her makeup brushes. In saying this, Jeffree claims his opinions of Kylie Skin are completely “unbiased,” and that she probably doesn’t even care that he and Shane dissed Kylie Skin.

“I’d say Kylie is gonna be sad and offended, but I just don’t think she’s gonna give a f*ck,” said Shane. Meanwhile, Jeffree joked, “About this one? Absolutely not. She’s fine in her seven houses and 60 cars. She’s probably pregnant right now and doesn’t give a f*ck.”

Kylie’s skincare products have already been criticized a lot since she announced it would feature a walnut face scrub, which can allegedly cause micro-tears in your skin. She also posted a pretty iffy video using her face wash that literally removed no makeup. We can probably agree with Jeffree and Shane in saying that she doesn’t really care anyway, the range is completely sold out and she’s made her bank.

Watch the full review below.

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