Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Palette Didn’t Actually Sell Out

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It’s a Conspiracy Palette conspiracy! Twitter had a mega-meltdown on November 5 when Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson‘s Conspiracy Palette sold out for the second time in just 26 minutes… or did it? YouTuber Spill Sesh posted a wild video early this morning proving that there are plenty of palettes available if you know where to look.

Fans of the celebrity YouTubers went through it last week during Shane and Jeffree’s initial launch, suffering through a site crash only sixteen minutes after the collection went live, a slow roll-out of products due to technical difficulties, and a Black Friday-worthy online shopping bloodbath for reasons outside of Shane and Jeffree’s control — Shopify didn’t realize this palette was straight fire and couldn’t handle the high demand — only to relive the nightmare again when the line’s partial restock on Tuesday disappeared in less than half an hour. There’s no denying that the Conspiracy Collection was a massive success, but Shane and Jeffree may have exaggerated a little in the ensuing celebration:

Maybe their definition of “sold-out” is different than ours because while fans were buying crushed palettes on the makeup black market (aka Beauty Bay) and paying well above list price from secondhand beauty scalpers, Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Palette was in physical stores. We get that Shane and Jeffree live their lives online, but brick and mortar stores do exist, y’all. Fans were distraught over the thought that they couldn’t order the palette until 2020, and Jeffree and Shane throwing around words like “all” and “every single unit” were a bit misleading since there *is* still stock available in stores. Is this some type of ironic meta-marketing campaign to sell out the Conspiracy Palette by creating a conspiracy? Seems overly complicated to us.

In her video, Spill Sesh points out that the YouTubers could have been including stock bought by companies like Morphe to sell in-store when referencing the collection’s sales (please don’t hate on her for doing this good deed!), but completely ignoring the palette’s IRL availability is unfair to fans who have gone to great lengths to secure their (beauty) bag. Morphe did a total restock of the palette yesterday on the DL, so if you’re still looking for the in-demand product, head to your local Morphe store before it sells out for real.