Warning! Kylie Jenner’s New Skin Care Line Could Cause Micro Facial Tearing

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Kylie Jenner has just announced a skincare line that she has fittingly named Kylie Skin. Fans have been going crazy for the new line, which is due to launch May 22. However, there’s one product that’s causing concern amongst skincare lovers everywhere. The line will include a range of products, from toners to moisturizers and eye cream, but the product that’s got everyone talking is the face scrub.

One of the main ingredients in Kylie’s face scrub is walnuts. What’s so bad about walnuts, you ask? Licensed professionals are saying an ingredient like this can actually “destroy” your skin.

The scrub contains a walnut powder, which Kylie herself claims “is gentle yet very effective” and “buffs away your dead skin cells.” Despite this, skincare enthusiasts and professionals are saying it’s a big no-no.

“Kinda shocked Kylie’s scrub is a walnut scrub. That sounds so 2013 right? Lmao I don’t mean it in a bad way but aren’t those types of scrubs too abrasive for the skin? Don’t they cause like tiny scratches? I feel like I don’t see them anymore,” beauty influencer Kathleen Lights tweeted.

One Twitter user wrote: “do NOT pay this billionaire your hard earned money so you can tear up your precious faces with tiny bits of walnut. DO NOT.”

Others are disappointed in Kylie for selling a potentially harmful product when it’s likely her young following will buy it before doing their research.

So what do the professionals have to say? One NYC based dermatologist told People, “Nuts or nut shells can create micro-tears in the skin, damaging the delicate barrier and triggering inflammation which can exacerbate skin conditions like acne, eczema, rosacea or even lead to premature aging,” said Dr. Whitney Bowe. “One of the biggest skincare mistakes people make is to over-scrub or over-exfoliate their skin.”

Instead of using harsh exfoliants like walnuts, try using a chemical product containing salicylic or glycolic acid once a week and monitor the results on your skin. One thing dermotologists and beauty influencers are definitely saying not to do: use Kylie Jenner’s poorly-researched face scrub.

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