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Makeup Geek Owner Uploads Tell-All Video About Jaclyn Hill & James Charles

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Oh LAWD the tea is piping hot today. If there’s one thing Makeup Geek owner Marlena Stell is good at, it’s sticking her nose into all the influencer’s drama. Other than the entire Jaclyn Hill lipstick scandal, all is sort of quiet in the beauty influencer right now. James Charles has just made his subtle comeback to YouTube, and Jeffree Star is too busy mourning the loss of his dog to start a feud with anybody, so just when we thought things might be all good in the world of influencer fights, Marlena goes and DRAGS IT ALL UP AGAIN in a 95 minute long video. NINETY-FIVE MINUTES.

Marlena covers a whole lot of ground in her movie-length video, titled “Dear Influencers,” so we’re going to fill you in on the most important. She addresses the biggest drama going on in the beauty world right now, which is obviously Jaclyn Hill and her hairy lipsticks.

Marlena, who owns her own cosmetic company, said that she actually used the same lab that Jaclyn did all the way back in 2016 while producing MG concealers. Marlena said that her concealers encountered much of the same issues as Jaclyn’s lipsticks, such as finding fibers and pieces of plastic in them. She also revealed that she warned Jaclyn about using that lab, and also made a point of noting that she’s never seen white gloves used in a lab, which is what Jaclyn blamed the hair in her lipsticks on.

Marlena then used her outrageously long video to address the feud she had with James Charles in September 2018 over a documentary she was planning on making with Netflix about the beauty community. If you don’t remember, Marlena revealed that she was making the documentary with Netflix, causing James to GO OFF in since-deleted tweets saying that Netflix should be making the documentary with him, calling Marlena “that woman,” and saying she knows nothing about the industry. Yikes.

In her video, Marlena shares screenshots of DMs from James where he apologizes and the two appear to sort things out, later planning to film a video together. Not to Marlena’s surprise, James canceled their plans to film before she flew out to LA to meet him, making her even more p*ssed.

Since the video was uploaded on Tuesday, Twitter users are back doing what they do best — bashing James.

Jaclyn Hill has disabled both her Twitter and Instagram accounts since the video went live.

Both she and James are yet to address Marlena’s video, but we have a feeling this is far from over. Pour yourself some tea and watch Marlena’s full video below,


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