Millie Bobby Brown Is Being Accused Of Faking Her Beauty Line Tutorial

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Millie Bobby Brown Accused Florence By Mills Fake

YouTube / Florence By Mills

This is like the whole Shay Mitchell-pretending-to-take-off-her-makeup-with-a-Biore-wipe thing but so much worse because Millie Bobby Brown is promoting her personal beauty line and seemingly not using the products that she’s giving a tutorial for. Lol… what?

The Stranger Things actress announced she’d be releasing a beauty line called “Florence By Mills” on August 20 which would include a diverse range of shades of foundations, face washes, moisturizers and more, and Millie herself announced two days ago that the range was officially available at Ulta Beauty. Since Florence By Mills is the star’s first foray into beauty, fans were rightfully cautious though overall excited. But when Millie filmed herself using the face scrub to take off her makeup, fans thought something seemed a little off. In fact, it appeared that she didn’t even use the products at all!

[youtube_iframe id=”Ajxk52RK7EQ”]

The video was also posted to the official Florence By Mills Instagram account, though it appears that the particular video is now missing after the comments were flooded with comments like “Are you really applying something? It doesn’t seem like it,” and “It would be nice if you USE IT, we can see how you’re not applying any product,” according to Buzzfeed.

The video also made its way onto Twitter with a Twitter posting the video, writing, “She did a tutorial with her skin care range and just pretended to use the products?”

However, an August 24 post from Florence By Mills Instagram page may have explained why the products don’t foaming as most typical face washes might. “It doesn’t foam because it doesn’t have SLS or sulfates,” Millie explains in the video. Perhaps that’s why critics don’t think she’s really using her products?

It doesn’t appear that Florence By Mills or MBB have responded to the criticism yet, but we’ve got to believe it’s just a misunderstanding! How could the actress push something she doesn’t want to use herself?

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