There’s A Freaky New Beauty Trend & It’s Nose Hair Extensions, Just As Gross As It Sounds

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Nose hair… but make it fashion. Can I be the first to say “ew”? Okay, I’m definitely not the first because there’s a beauty trend circulating the internet that’s both captivating and disgusting audiences everywhere: nose hair extensions. It essentially looks like there’s a silverfish crawling out of one’s nose… and I’m so, so sorry to give you that visual. Though it can be traced all the way back to 2017, it’s only recently started making waves on the web and everyone is collectively shook.

As beauty trend followers, we’ve endured furry nails, glitter teeth, and Christmas tree eyebrows, but this is one we really could do without. Will people stop at NOTHING?

There s A Freaky New Beauty Trend   It s Nose Hair Extensions  Just As Gross As It Sounds nose hair meme jpg