New Sephora Campaign Highlights Transgender And Non-Binary People

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On Wednesday, our favorite beauty retailer Sephora announced a new campaign highlighting transgender and non-binary people. The announcement, which came via Twitter, was accompanied by a video filled with scenes of people of all genders, races, and ages putting on makeup and generally having a good time. We’re thrilled that Sephora is celebrating transgender and non-binary people (especially during LGBTQ+ Pride Month!). Makeup has always been used by all genders and races since, like forever, but the mainstream beauty, makeup, and skincare communities embracing this idea is long overdue. This diversity is thanks in large part to the internet, where YouTubers and breakout brands like Rihanna‘s Fenty Beauty have been able to reach audiences who are clamoring for more representation. (What do we want? An actual range of foundation shades! When do we want it? Yesterday!)

The campaign is a part of Sephora’s recent push to build a more inclusive and diverse atmosphere in its stores and as part of the chain’s “We Belong to Something Beautiful” campaign. All of Sephora’s locations were shut down yesterday for diversity sensitivity training, which came shortly after R&B star SZA (who has appeared as a model in Fenty ads) tweeted about being followed by security in the store’s Calabasas location. Rihanna, who has never, ever let us down, sent SZA a Fenty gift card after the incident and Sephora reached out to the “20 Something” singer on Twitter.

People reacted to the announcement on Twitter with a range of responses. Some people were praising the brand for its new initiative, while some shared stories of difficult encounters they have had in Sephora stores, and others had more questions about whether Sephora’s commitment to diversity was going to go beyond an emotional video and a one-day workshop.

The idea of major brands hopping onto social equality trends without exactly putting their money where their mouth is a hot issue this month, especially as it relates to Pride Month. But hopefully Sephora is *really* thinking about it and we’re entering an era of an inclusive and diverse beauty community — one we want and deserve!

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