People Are Pissed That Shane Dawson’s Becoming A Beauty Guru

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YouTube / Jeffree Star

If you’ve been a fan of Shane Dawson for the last billion or so years that he’s been on YouTube, you’ll know that he got famous for his comedic, parody videos where he played various characters in skits and music videos. More recently, he delved into the more investigative side of YouTube, making longer formed conspiracy theory videos and also short documentaries on other YouTubers like Jeffree Star, Tana Mongeau, and Graveyard Girl. Ever since his first video with Jeffree, Shane has taken an unexpected interest in the beauty community, having expressed desires to create his own palette or makeup line some day. Since the video came out, Shane has received a ton of PR packages from beauty brands, and just last week he had an entire room in his house renovated into a beauty room.

Shane’s boyfriend Ryland Adams uploaded a video to his YouTube channel last week where he completely renovated his and Shane’s spare room into a glam AF beauty room filled with a serious makeup collection. While some of Shane’s followers were super jealous and complimentary of the room, others are beginning to question Shane’s interest in makeup, claiming that he’s hyping a product release and once it’s out, he won’t care about makeup anymore.

Fans have taken to a Reddit thread to discuss the authenticity in Shane’s new love for makeup and ask whether it’s just for the money he knows a beauty influencer can bring in.




Twitter users are also expressing their anger at the amount of PR Shane is receiving. He has posted numerous videos and pictures to his Instagram stories of the beauty packages he’s been sent, which has made people angry as there are lots of smaller, micro-influencers who are talented and passionate about makeup but can’t get on any PR lists.

Whether Shane’s sudden interest in makeup is authentic or not, it is disappointing that he’s receiving so much makeup in PR when there are lots of makeup artists out there struggling to get noticed. Maybe Shane can use his new interest in beauty and the large platform he maintains to bring attention to the micro-influencers? That seems like a good compromise!

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