Wet n Wild Spills James Charles Tea After He Accuses Them Of Ripping Off James Charles x Morphe Palette

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James Charles Wet n Wild

Instagram / James Charles

James Charles has gotten himself into another feud — this time with affordable beauty brand Wet n Wild. Over the weekend, the YouTuber accused the brand of copying the palette he created with Morphe last year and he is not happy. For those of you who aren’t invested in the beauty industry, Wet n Wild is a drugstore makeup brand who is known for creating affordable dupes of expensive, popular products. The brand unveiled its new 40 Palette over the weekend at RuPaul’s DragCon, and it kind of looks a lot like the James Charles Morphe Artistry Palette. Take a look for yourself.

James seems to think the palette is super similar to his own, so he decided to call the brand out on Twitter in true James style. “That’s crazy… your ‘NEW’ palette looks extremely similar,” he wrote on Twitter. We’re assuming he means “familiar” instead of “similar” but continue, James.

The 21-year-old continued to indirectly tweet Wet n Wild, writing: “There are only so many colors you can put into an eyeshadow palette & I’m not claiming to ‘own’ specific colors. BUT when you copy the exact shades & layout from my palette without even TRYING to hide it…? [sic]”

We’re assuming James was looking for support by calling out Wet n Wild publicly, but instead, he’s just getting even more hate. Check out some of the replies his tweet is getting.

Wet n Wild won the award for the shadiest brand of 2019 when it responded to a tweet about its palette’s similarity to James’s saying: “We certainly didn’t copy the price :)” SHOOK.

Wet n Wild then got even SHADIER by dropping some tea about where James’s palette was manufactured. The brand tweeted “The James Charles x Morphe palette was purchased by Morphe from Jiaxing Huasheng Cosmetics,” in response to a fan who accused it of copying James’s idea. James responded to the tweet, calling the brand “unprofessional” and reassuring fans that his palette was designed by him alone and not bought from a third party like Wet n Wild suggested.

James Charles Wet n Wild

Twitter via PopBuzz

What a mess. What we’ve learned from this is that Wet n Wild is RUTHLESS and a rainbow palette is not really an original idea. Sorry, James!

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