The Internet Is Hating On Zoella’s New ColourPop Palatte For The Wrong Reasons

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The Zoella x ColourPop collab is here, and instead of stanning its greatness, fans have taken to Twitter to complain for no reason. Classic.

Overzealous makeup fans are pressed because Zoella’s brunch-inspired eyeshadow palette for the line is mostly neutrals with a pop of bright blue. It’s unclear why beauty fans are so upset over a palette of neutrals when Zoella isn’t exactly one for crazy colorful makeup looks, but Zoe Sugg made it clear in an Instagram comment that her line was meant for *everyone* not just overzealous Jeffree Star wannabees who want their palettes to look like a Tekashi69 dye job.

WeTheUnicorns quoted Zoella’s clapback: “I wanted it to be fun and useable for those of you who find it a bit overwhelming as well as those who know how to cut a sharp crease.”

And in case anyone was wondering, the palette does have a nice range of neutrals to create an everyday makeup look, which is Zoe’s bread and butter:

Fans keep talking about how “boring” this palette is, but it’s only been briefly alluded to that Zoe’s palette is weirdly similar to a few of Kylie Cosmetics‘s eyeshadow collections. We aren’t exactly sure which palette WeTheUnicorns was comparing to Zoella’s, but we’d hazard a guess that it’s her Royal Peach Palette from 2017. You know, the one that smelled so weird that no one felt comfortable actually using it. TBF, it’s been known that ColourPop lowkey makes Kylie’s products, but if people are going to get aggro about Zoella’s brunch line being too normal, they might as well pile on with the possibility that it’s been literally done before.

The collection also features three matte lipsticks, two cream shadows, two creme gel liners, a powder blush, and a powder highlighter. You can buy them all in a bundle that includes the Brunch Date makeup bag or pick and choose. Another better criticism of her line? That the colors were clearly chosen without considering people with darker skin tones:

It’s ironic that the response to the palette’s main criticism, that it’s boring, is that it’s meant to be inclusive for everyone, even people with little makeup experience, but a much more valid complaint is that it lacks skin tone inclusivity in its shades. Like, we’re still going to buy it, but these makeup stans might want to consider straightening out their priorities.

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