Is Beauty’s Latest Trend Jade Rollers Worth The Hype?

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There are lots of things all over Instagram. We don’t have to scroll very far before we’re inundated with questionable wedding trends, rainbow hair colors, Christmas tree eyebrows, and foodie finds. One thing that we’re seeing over and over in terms of beauty is the jade roller. They’re popping up on feeds beyond beauty bloggers and wellness devotees. The beauty tool is getting a lot of hype, but do jade rollers work? And what do they even do, for that matter?

What is a jade roller?

First thing’s first. Before we discuss whether jade rollers work, let’s talk about what they are. Jade rollers might be one of the *new* things in beauty, but they’re actually old. Dr. Lamees Hamdan, Founder and CEO of Shiffa, explains that jade rollers have been used for centuries, especially in China.

“Jade in venerated as a positive semi-precious stone in Asia that symbolizes wealth and positivity and helps draw out negative chi,” she explained. Crystal lovers might already use the stone to bring good vibes. That’s part of the concept, but a jade roller takes it a step further by providing a lymphatic drainage massage. This is basically a fancy way of saying that the jade roller helps the body release toxins in the name of better skin. Dr. Hamdan explains the massage takes fluids and waste from the space between cells and filters and cleans them. FYI: She points out that 70 percent of lymphatic vessels are located just below the skin so a bit of massaging can make a difference. It can result in dewier, less puffy skin.

Another benefit of jade rollers is that they can aid in product absorption. Those who slap on their creams, oils, and serums aren’t getting the full benefit of them because they’re not getting fully absorbed. Using a jade roller helps products go deep down into pores for better results. Typically, jade rollers are used following serums and oils for the most benefit.

Some people even stash their jade rollers in the fridge for a cooling sensation, according to Dr. Robb Akridge, Co-Founder of Clarisonic & Skin Expert.

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Do jade rollers work

Jade rollers sound great, but do they actually work? Given that they’ve been around since ancient times, there has to be something to them, right? Dr. Akridge points out, “The holistic mineral group would tell you that jade gives you energy and protection. So when using it, it is like mineral energy for your skin. If that is what you believe; go for it. The mind is a powerful tool.” Want something more concrete? He counters, “From a scientific perspective, and I am a scientist, I am not aware of any true research showing a direct benefit from using one.”

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Research or no research, there are still the potential results in the mirror. “I personally find jade rollers to be useful tools in giving your face a quick and super easy lymphatic drainage massage,” says Dr. Hamdan. “Lymphatic drainage massage is very gentle and seemingly superficial but it is really important as it helps restore function and balances the body.” She adds all faces can benefit from a lymphatic drainage massage. The massage will help “flush” out accumulated toxins that build up from everyday cellular activity. For this reason, she says that jade rollers are still beneficial for those who aren’t dealing with puffiness.

I was intrigued after hearing about jade rollers enough to start using one myself. Unlike some high-tech facial tools which require charging and different brush heads, a jade roller is a low maintenance tool that can be easily slotted into a routine with minimum effort. It’s also something that’s enjoyable to use. Whether you believe in the healing powers of crystals or not, you’ll likely find there’s something soothing about rolling the jade roller over your face. The stone has a cool feel even if you don’t put it in the fridge, so it’s a welcome relief on hot days or post-bath/shower.

I am often wary about facial tools because I have sensitive skin but I didn’t experience any redness or irritation from using the jade roller. I find my products do absorb better and I like the rolling sensation. It’s difficult to say whether my skin is dewier because of the roller or the products themselves. Still, I’ve been using a roller twice a day for a while and am happy enough to continue doing it.

How to use a jade roller

Dr. Akridge suggests chilling the jade roller in the refrigerator because the colder temperature “may help with site-specific inflammation; particularly under the eyes.” For the best application, he instructs using your fave serum first. Then place the roller on the lower cheek and press and roll upwards. “It is also thought that the compression and rolling movement pushes the lymph away from the puffy areas and helps with product absorption,” he states. “Even though there is no long-term proof that the roller works, it sure feels good … And don’t we all need a little relaxation and me time?”

Where to buy jade rollers

Curious about trying a jade roller for yourself? You’re in luck because there are more and more options launching. And you can find the satisfying skin tool at places like Sephora and Ulta, plus online. Check out the Aquarian Soul Gemstone Facial Roller ($40), the Shiffa Jade Facial Massage Roller ($63), the Skin Gym Jade Crystal Facial Roller ($32), the Herbivore Jade Facial Roller ($30) and the Mount Lai De-Puffing Jade Facial Roller ($34).

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Aquarian Soul

If you’re wondering about other options, you can also get different types of rollers. Other popular facial rollers include rose quartz rollers and amethyst ones. They function in the same way as jade rollers but have the healing benefits of their respective stones. So read up on some crystals, then decide what’s best for your personal journey.