15 Celebrities Who Are Real Red Heads & 5 Who Are Faking It

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There’s something magical about being a redhead. In a sea of blondes and brunettes, this power color has the ability to command instant attention. Whether it’s the result of a naturally mutated gene called MCR1, which causes their hair to take on the eye-catching hue, or simply a trip to the salon, having red hair changes just about everything for a woman.

Just ask celebrities such as Amy Adams or Molly Ringwald: For these ladies, having red hair has been life-changing in regard to others’ perceptions of them, getting them noticed and ultimately changing the course of their careers.

Still, it’s not a hue for the faint of heart: Other redheads like Lily Cole, Isla Fisher and Madelaine Petsch have all described cruelty faced early on over the tress trait that makes them stand out. And stand out, they most definitely do: It’s a shade worn by less than two percent of the population!

Find out who was born with it and who adopted the color of their own accord in our ode to the flamboyant tint below.

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