20 Gorgeous Fall Hair Colors For 2019

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When it’s a new season, we’re thinking everything new. New wardrobe, new home decor, and definitely new hair colors. There are so many gorgeous fall hair colors that reflect the season and will make hair look shinier and healthier. No, the options aren’t all related to pumpkin spice. If you want a makeover for back-to-school or back-to-work that slays, there are plenty of choices.

Autumn might be the prettiest season to draw inspiration from for natural, easy-to-wear hair colors. Think of all the traditional shades of the season from lovely leaf colors to the fashion color palette. There are countless options that can work for you whether you’re a natural blonde or redhead. Scroll through the gallery to see 20 gorgeous fall hair colors to inspire your new-season makeover. Try one, try three, or blend a bunch of them together. The season leaves plenty of time for experimentation.

Crimson and Gold

Don’t get us wrong. There are a lot of stunning single-color styles out there. But, we want you to see that there are so many possibilities and colors. This romantic dye job shows that you don’t have to limit yourself to a single shade. The deep red gradually gets lighter, going from rich garnet to a softer crimson. The game-changer is the pop of gold on the tips. Yes, it is gold as opposed to blonde. It’s not a traditional ombre hair color because the golden pieces aren’t all over the tips. They are random sections for more dimension. Pumpkin spice who?

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