Accessorize-Away The Bad Hair Days This Winter

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There’s nothing worse than realizing that the holiday season is over meaning it’s no longer socially acceptable to go out in public looking like you just rolled out of bed, and that the cold weather is going nowhere for the next couple of months. After you take a moment to say a prayer that blizzards, super-low temperatures, and windstorms won’t ruin your hair, there’s some good news. I can’t promise that you won’t be fighting inclement weather, but what I can guarantee is that your hair doesn’t have to suffer. There are ways to accessorize your hair in the winter months without it turning into a bird’s nest.

The last thing one thinks about in the winter is looking cute because staying warm and dry always gets top priority. Neglecting one’s hair in the winter months, unfortunately, sets you up for trying to repair your hair in the spring. How can you give your hair some love leading up to spring? If you’re thinking deep conditions and actually combing your hair, yes that’s a start, but you can also jazz up your hair and protect it with accessories as well.

Once you actually give your hair some TLC and jazz it up, you’ll want to spend the extra time giving it love and care, instead of treating your ‘do as an afterthought. This winter season, you don’t have to subscribe to the standard berets, beanies, or puffy wool hats though. Accessory-land is a whole new world at the moment, so join the fun and add these pieces to your arsenal!

Hair Clips

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Who would have thought that salon clips would have been a winter trend that would rival all accessories in 2019? Don’t worry — this trend is more illustrious than a plain silver hair salon clip. Hair clips are the accessory that keeps on giving. You can rock tortoise shell hair clips, bejeweled hair clips, one hair clip, two hair clips, red hair clips, or even blue hair clips. If you want to win the award for the most stylish female in the game, I recommend word hair clips. They add that je ne sais quoi that shows you mean business when it comes to fashion.

Bucket Hats

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Urban Outfitters

Berets, baker caps, baseball dad hats, or Beyoncé-style fedoras are all the rage in the winter, but this season a new hat will sneakily become a style star. Bucket hats may seem like something your dad wore to go fishing, you wore as a safari-inspired Halloween costume, or your babysitter wore in the ’90s, but bucket hats are a staple that you need in your closet like yesterday. You can go with the traditional texture, which will protect your hair in any inclement weather you may encounter, but the world is indeed your oyster. Do some due diligence and find a bucket hat that will fit your style. If you’re into the hypebae look, you need a logo bucket hat. If you have a classic style that thrives on polished looks, wool and corduroy bucket hats should be your go-to.

Velvet Bows

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Silk Fort Vintage

There’s something so sweet about a hair bow, which is why most adults stay away from them. I promise that you won’t look like Matilda if you incorporate this accessory into your fall wardrobe. Hair bows are the trend that stays consistent and reliable but has received a slight upgrade since our days on the playground. I recommend that you throw a velvet hair bow into a braid, half-up-half-down look, a ponytail, or causally into your hair. If you want to make this look less elementary school, a black velvet hair bow does the trick.

Hair Scrunchies

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I can’t promise that you’ll find the Peter Kavinsky to your Lara Jean Covey, but I can guarantee that you need a hair scrunchie in your life… like, yesterday. Hair scrunchies might seem so totally pre-y2k, but like all fashion trends, this one seems to be on a solid rotation. You may have seen top bloggers popping up on Instagram with one in their hair or on their wrist, but I promise this isn’t a gimmick. There are so many options when it comes to this accessory, but to make it current and 2019-appropriate I recommend rocking an oversized scrunchie in a fun material like velvet, satin, or corduroy. You can either wear a solid-colored scrunchie or go super quirky and add a patterned scrunchie to jazz up any ponytail or braid.

Print Scarves

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Print scarves are beyond versatile, so it’s no surprise that this summer staple would find its way into your hair accessory arsenal this winter. You can do so much with a printed scarf, and they look more elevated than a bandana. If you don’t know how to style a printed scarf have no fear, you really can do no wrong. Tie it like a headband, knot it, loop it around your hair like a scrunchie or weave it into your brain.

It’s almost too easy to have a bad hair day during the cold, dry winter months, but with the use of some cute and trendy accessories, you won’t have to keep hiding from the front-facing camera on your phone until spring.