15 Beauty Secrets From Hollywood’s Most Famous It-Girls

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We can never have too many beauty secrets. If the ones offered are celebrity beauty secrets, it’s even better. Just think about the number of celebrities who appear to be aging backwards. Who doesn’t want to get a part of that fountain of youth — or at the very least strong contouring game and glossy hair? (We would also take a celebrity’s bank balance, red carpet wardrobe, and social media presence, if anyone is offering.) But, if it’s just hair, makeup, and skincare tips, we would still be happy.

If you’re always searching for celebrity beauty tips to experiment with, we’ve collected some of the best and most interesting. The beauty secrets from stars are often simple and usually don’t require A-list-sized budgets. These aren’t the tips where we tell you to go buy some $500 skincare gadget or fly to some dermatologist in LA. Most importantly, the hacks are effective. Remember these 15 best celebrity beauty secrets from Hollywood’s most famous It-girls. Incorporate them into your routine and it could totally change how you get ready for the better.

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