8 Humane Makeup Brands That Don’t Test On Animals

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Too Faced

There is a God, and she made Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara vegan and cruelty-free. While the waterproof version of the cult product contains beeswax, the OG wand that started it all remains a great option for those of us who want to keep animals far, far away from the sh*t we use to beat our face. Too Faced even offers a breakdown of their vegan-friendly products on their official website (including their makeup brushes!), making ethical spending easier than ever. Full disclosure: Too Faced was purchased by Estée Lauder, a parent company that condones animal testing, in 2018, placing it alongside Urban Decay and Tarte in that lowkey grey-area where ethical spending might not actually be that ethical. TBH, we’re still including it in the list just because their Better Than Sex mascara is bomb AF and we don’t know how to feel.

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