8 Humane Makeup Brands That Don’t Test On Animals

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Burt’s Bees

Clearly, Burt’s Bees isn’t vegan. There was a brief moment where the company’s cruelty-free status was called into question because of its sales in China, which we’ve learned is basically the death knoll for humane makeup production. Luckily, the brand has since clarified on their website that they only sell in China via direct-to-consumer e-commerce (so, like, online shopping), which is exempt from the country’s animal testing mandates. Even their ingredients aren’t tested on animals, and the company has launched multiple campaigns to help save the bees and contribute to environmentally ethical practices as well. For those reasons, we’ve kept Burt’s Bees on our ethically friendly list despite their 2007 acquisition by Clorox, an animal testing-friendly brand and a wildly random business partner.

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