8 Humane Makeup Brands That Don’t Test On Animals

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Marc Jacobs Beauty

While Marc Jacobs Fragrances does test on animals, it’s a completely separate company from Marc Jacobs Beauty, so you should have no qualms about boycotting the former while basking in the glory of Marc Jacobs Beauty’s eye-conic shadow palettes. Marc Jacobs Beauty is owned by Kendo, a cruelty-free company that also carries humane brands like Kat Von D, Bite, Ole Henriksen, and Formula X. It has nothing to do with Marc Jacobs Fragrances, which is owned by Coty, a company that will test on animals if required by law but does not sell all of its brands in China. The brand name is carried in two vastly different lines because of weird licensing laws that Cruelty-Free Kitty breaks down better than we ever could, but rest assured that supporting Marc Jacobs Beauty means supporting Kendo and its humane practices, not Coty’s weird will-they-or-won’t-they grey areas.

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