15 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Makeup Fails Ever

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Boy Meets World "Use A Mirror, Babe" Celebrity Makeup Fails

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Celebrity makeup fails shouldn’t happen. After all, they employ glam squads whose single job is to ensure the stars slay on the red carpet. But, no one is perfect and makeup mistakes do happen. Rising stars aren’t the only victims of red carpet makeup disasters. Shockingly, red carpet veterans can be taken down by a massive makeup disaster.

You don’t need us to tell you that applying makeup is a skill. And those skills are under the microscope when celebrities step out on the red carpet. Every errant brush stroke — no matter how tiny — will be visible. Same goes with too-light concealer, the wrong foundation, or a crazy powder situation. When celebrity makeup disasters happen, they are going to get called out. Here are the 15 most epic celebrity makeup fails. Let us hope that no one suffers any mishaps as bad on future red carpets.

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