The Best Beauty Tutorials To Transform Into Elsa From Frozen

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Elsa in Real Life Makeup Tutorial

There still are some brilliant Elsa beauty tutorials being uploaded online. So, if you have only been relying on your old favorites, it’s time to do a quick search. We’ve done some of the work for you. (You’re welcome.) This “Elsa in Real Life” makeup tutorial is from 2018, and it is just as good as some of the ones that were released when Frozen first came out. What’s great about it is that without the blonde wig, blue dress, and the blue contacts, it’s a pretty wearable makeup look. The pink and purple eyeshadow is gorgeous. And the touch of glitter on the brow bones and cheekbones makes such a difference. Proper Frozen fans will realize that the eyeshadow colors in this look are actually flipped compared to how they are in the film. It’s your call whether you want to stay true to the original or true this version.

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