20 Chrome Nail Art Ideas That Are Lit

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There’s a nail trend blowing up on social media and for once it is something that doesn’t involve the steady hand and painting skills of a professional artist. Chrome nails have captivated nail art enthusiasts and made a whole bunch of other people game to try nail art. Why? Chrome nails are lit. Metallic manicures have nothing on chrome nails. Even glitter nails don’t quite have the same prismatic glisten that chrome nails have. And chrome nails are achievable.

To create chrome nails, you just need chrome powders. They are what take the shine to the next level. They make nails glisten like a very good Instagram filter IRL. Once you play around with various color combinations of chrome nails, you might want something else. That’s where these chrome nail art ideas come in. They show the gorgeous ways you can experiment with chrome nails and juxtapose them with other manicure styles. And they will make you even more obsessed. Keep scrolling to see 20 chrome nail art ideas that shine so bright.

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