30 Halloween Nail Art Ideas We Cannot Wait To Try

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You’ve got a craving for pumpkin (or more specifically a pumpkin spice latte) and you’re debating about what horror movie to watch first. It can only mean one thing: Halloween will soon be here. That means it’s time to brainstorm Halloween nail art ideas. Of course your Halloween costume and makeup are important. But, Halloween nail art is, too.

Halloween manicures set the spooky mood. Additionally, we have longer to experiment with Halloween nails. It’s tricky to pull off a Halloween costume when it’s not the night of October 31. But, you can get away with a Halloween-themed mani for the full month of October. And we know you’re going to want to try these spooky designs ASAP. Take a look at 30 Halloween nail art ideas you’ll want to rock right this minute.

Orange Jack-O-Lanterns Nail Art

You cannot get any more Halloween than pumpkins — specifically jack-o-lanterns. There are countless variations of the classic look, but there is nothing wrong with keeping things more traditional as well as relatively simple. The lighter orange shading lines on the bold orange base create some dimension on the flat nail. And the detail helps trick the eye into believing that there are 10 plump, rounded pumpkins on your nails. This design sticks with a classic black nail polish for all of the pumpkin faces, but each pumpkin has a slightly different expression. It is not necessary to make the faces intricate. Simple is effective.

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