25 Neon Nail Art Ideas To Kill It With This Spring

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Spring is so close we can almost feel the bearable 60-degree weather and of course, that means beautiful things for our style choices. We get to trade in our extra bundled layers for sundresses, tank tops, and sandals. Of course, we’ll also be making different beauty choices to celebrate a season of sunshine that we can actually feel!

One of the easiest ways to refresh our look regularly is to have fun with neon nail art! Even if bright, electric shades weren’t one of the biggest spring trends for 2019, we’d still be into them because they’re such a bold statement.

From Lisa Frank-inspired animal prints that channel the 1990s to simple geometric shapes with just a splash of color, there are so many ways to pull off neon nail art. Whether you plan to play with press-on (they’ve upgraded since you last passed on them in the drugstore), do your own nails, or get a full acrylic set — you’ll find enough vibrant nail art ideas to get you through spring and the duration of summer in the list ahead.

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