Why You Should Be Doing Your Holiday Shopping On QVC

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When you think of QVC, the online retailer, you probably think of being awake at 4 AM, mindlessly watching infomercials and kinda sorta wondering if maybe you do really need that collection of Precious Moments figurines. But somehow, when none of us were looking, QVC leveled up in a major way. A few years ago, the brand decided that it needed to appeal to people outside insomniacs and shut-ins, and totally revamped their products and, most importantly, their vetting process.

“The customer is welcoming QVC into their home, and so QVC feels a heightened sense of responsibility,” explained Kalle Simpson, whose cult favorite wrinkle-fighting pillow, NIGHT, is beloved by It Girls like Kim Kardashian and Olivia Munn. “They go above and beyond to ensure the highest quality standards are met, which means a rigorous testing process before ever going on-air.”

That’s putting it lightly. Kalle said that it took upwards of a year to get NIGHT pillows on the air, mostly because the QVC team insisted upon making sure that every claim the pillows made was absolutely legit.

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“Each claim made about a product must be approved by the QVC legal team. For NIGHT, we reviewed countless scientific studies that mentioned the benefits of silk and submitted the data to QVC for review,” Kalle recalled. “We also submitted studies for why sleeping on Black can help stimulate melatonin (the hormone your body needs to fall asleep) and studies that mentioned the benefits of sleeping on memory foam.”

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And if you thought that the perma-perky hosts got off any easier, think again.

“After auditioning for QVC, you never know how long it will take to connect and represent a brand,” said Brittney Levine, who serves as a “guest” — QVC’s term for a host — for Catherine Zeta-Jones’ home line, Casa Zeta Jones. Clever. “Sometimes guests will come in directly with brands that want only them to represent them on-air. In my case, after I auditioned and ‘passed,’ I was entered into a pool where brands could see my demo tapes and reel. If someone chooses you, then you need to pass the one-day guest course before you can be approved to go on-air. My whole process from when I first auditioned to when a brand asked me to guest host for them to when I went on-air took almost eight to nine months. It’s not easy!”

So, knowing that QVC is not playing, maybe we should be taking another look at the concept of home shopping — especially since you no longer have to tune in (and dial-in) to shop — happily, it’s now all online! Check out a few products that make some serious claims that QVC promises are oh-so accurate…

HiMirror Skin Analyzing Beauty Mirror


Price: $109
Promise: Track your skin’s data, from hydration to wrinkles, to figure out which products are actually working.


Caj Beauty Volumizing Styling Iron with Flyaway Hair Tamer


Price: $69
Promise: Nix stray hairs and create healthier curls and waves.


Sigma Dry’N Shape Spa


Price: $39
Promise: Deep clean up to 18 makeup brushes without damaging the bristles thanks to patented technology.


Cantini Wine Tumbler


Price: $30
Promise: Keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours.


BUXOM Lips Off Leash Mini Lip Collection


Price: $61
Promise: Plump up lips without irritation thanks to a unique peptide and hyaluronic acid booster free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

True, none of these products are reinventing the wheel necessarily, but that’s kind of the point: there are a billion curling irons or cooler cups, so it’s helpful to know that these are the best of the best and back up their claims. Because really, who has time to rifle through 200 Amazon reviews to get the scoop on a product? Knowing that QVC puts products through the wringer, are you rethinking your holiday shopping strategy? And tell us: what’s a seen-on-TV product that you actually love?

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