17 Sensitive Skin Beauty Products You Can Wear From Hair To Toe

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clinique sensitive skin moisturizer



Finding the perfect skincare routine is a complicated process since it’s all about trial and error — and often at the expense of your face. The stakes rise even higher when you have sensitive skin due to allergies or conditions like eczema or psoriasis. It doesn’t help that so many brands underserve people with sensitive skin if they serve us at all.

Despite the lack of sensitive skin products, my eczema has gone from incredibly tough to manageable to mostly under control. At one point, I could only depend on traditional brands like Dove, Clinique and Eucerin — and even those brands didn’t fully meet my hair needs. Some companies only offered lotion, soap, and shampoo, which was nice but so much more was left out. Like, am I supposed to do about my scalp after shampooing it? What am I going to moisturize my hair with daily that won’t irritate my scalp and face? How about acne treatments? And is there a face mask in this world that I can slide on for longer than a minute?

Slowly but surely, beauty brands have been releasing products to meet those different needs. The skincare market still has a long way to go, but there are way more products available now than there were. In the last few years, brands like SheaMoisture, Koils by Nature, Honest Beauty and Saturday Skin have stepped up and out with more products that make it easier for me to care for my skin.

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