15 Celebrities Embracing Their Freckles

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Some call them “cute.” Some call them “distinctive.” And others still call them “beautiful.” As for us? We call them all of the above. But what exactly are freckles? You know, those little brown dots some people develop on their skin after spending a day in the sun?

Having freckles chalks up to your genetics (unless, of course, you choose to draw them on yourself à la Julianne Hough). People who have less melanin — the chemical that helps to reflect the sun’s UV rays, thus protecting it from sun damage — in their skin are prone to leave the beach with little brown dots that give away their time spent worshipping the golden god.

Those who have them are in good company: Everyone from Demi Lovato, who loves to show ‘em off on social media, to Emma Stone, who admitted to luxuriating in the sun (even when she shouldn’t!) in hopes of gaining a few extra dots, have plenty of ’em.

There are plenty more where they came from: Read on to see who’s living — and loving! — that freckled life below.

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