Tips For Self-Tanning Without Damaging Your Skin

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fake Tan Removal

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If you’ve had a dodgy tan application (which happens to the best of us), you might be looking for tips for fake tan removal. We got you, girl. Most tanning brands have tan removers that are made specifically for their product. Apply a generous layer of the tan remover and allow it to sit for 15 minutes before wiping away the product in the shower. For more stubborn areas, we recommend you invest in an exfoliating glove and a thick coffee or sugar scrub — these types of scrubs are coarser than an exfoliating cream and therefore, a bit more effective in getting the job done. Turn off your shower so that the water doesn’t rinse away your exfoliator and using the glove, exfoliate your legs in circular motions.

Good luck, stunner!

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