Tips For Self-Tanning Without Damaging Your Skin

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Spray Tan

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Feel like taking matters out of your own hands? Get a spray tan. People who give spray tans are professionals, so they’re guaranteed to give you an all-over, even glow in a matter of minutes. Spray tans are ideal if you’re going on vacation as they spray everywhere (and we mean everywhere), so prepare to get naked. A spray will also last longer than any other type of fake tan, so make sure you research the professional you’re paying to spray you or you’ll be stuck with a bad tan for a week at the very least. A spray will typically cost upwards of $30, whether it’s done in a machine or by a real-life human, but it eliminates the pressure of not messing up and the time spent sitting naked in your bedroom waiting for it to dry. It’s worth it, trust us.

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