22 Actors Who Enjoyed Kissing Their Co-Stars A Little Too Much

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For actors, kissing their co-stars is just another part of the job. It has to be treated almost clinically considering the number of times two actors have to kiss before they get a scene just right! But, over the years, many actors have gushed about enjoying their on-screen kisses a little too much. Not that we mind getting the tea about our fave actors fave movie kisses. Some of these actors who enjoyed kissing their co-stars ending up kissing them again — off-screen! You just can’t fight chemistry.

On the other hand, though, there are actors who have gushed about kissing their co-stars only to have the other half of the equation report that it was “meh.” Ouch! Either way, at least one-half of these kissing equations was all in for the on-screen smooches! We love hearing about actors who enjoyed kissing their co-stars because it makes the chemistry between the actors in a film feel that much more real. Here are all of the actors who have dished about how much they loved locking lips with their co-stars!

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