20 Celebrities Who Seem to be Aging Backwards

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If there’s anything that we learned from this year’s “glow-up” challenge, it’s that some people just never seem to age. As social media users and celebrities shared countless side-by-sides, we legit began to suspect that some of them time-traveled and fooled us all because they look so young. But of course, this isn’t the only time we’ve caught a glimpse of celebrities defying the clock. Even as stars continue to share their pics today, we still have our moments where we confuse them for throwbacks (if you’ve seen that selfie of Julia Roberts and Paul Rudd at the Oscars, you’ll understand).

What amazes us, though, is the fact that some of them appear to be even more youthful than they did over a decade ago. Perhaps it’s their healthy lifestyle, their awesome genes, or the fact that they’re secretly vampires (kidding). But at this rate, it’s safe to say that they will forever be ageless. See which celebrities seem to be Benjamin Buttoning.

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