18 Annoying Reality TV Stars We Should Have Never Made Famous

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The introduction of reality TV shows has brought us plenty of entertaining personalities. Some have even turned into legitimate Hollywood celebs apart from their reality TV roots. But others haven’t brought quite as much joy to our lives. Let’s be real, some are just downright obnoxious! There are plenty of annoying reality TV stars that we should have never made famous because they’ve never gone away! We’re haunted by these pseudo-celebs showing up on our TV screens and social media feeds on the daily and we just can’t get rid of them.

The simple fact is that there are some people we probably shouldn’t have put on a pedestal. So many reality TV stars have clung to their 15 minutes for way too long and become some of the most insufferable people in Hollywood. Many have also become completely unavoidable (*cough* the Kardashian-Jenners *cough*) all because of the national obsession with crazy people on reality TV. Sure, they’re fun to watch for a little bit, but after a few eps, we are fed up with these lunatics! Here are some of the most annoying reality TV stars that we really wish we wouldn’t have made famous!

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