Ariana Grande Says She’s Never Dating Again

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Ariana Grande Says She s Never Dating Again ariana grande thank u next jpg

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Ariana Grande is finally saying “thank u, next” to 2018.

The “Imagine” singer had a rough year personally, but we all already know that. Between the tragic loss of Mac Miller and the end of her relationship with Pete Davidson, Ari’s been through more emotional trauma this year than most of the characters on this season of Grey’s Anatomy. That’s right, it’s been Shonda Rhimes levels of sad for Billboard‘s 2018 Woman of the Year despite the wild success of her latest album (Sweetener was robbed of an Album Of The Year Grammy nomination and we all know it) and the reappearance of her whistle tone.

It looks like Ariana really is good sticking with her newfound relationship with herself, better discussions and all, because she announced on Twitter yesterday that she’ll be having a boy-free 2019. Ari also slid in that she’d be down to be single for the rest of her life, basically, and after all the sh*t she’s had to deal with following her breakup with Pete, we wouldn’t be surprised if she really did swear off men altogether (although, if we were Ariana, we’d recommend rebounding with Zac Efron or Ross Lynch before committing to her self-imposed boy drought).

After Pete repeatedly referenced their breakup on SNL, chose MAGA-hat wearing Kanye West’s side over Ari’s in a Twitter feud, and freaked everybody out with some scary Tweets before sending security to keep Ari out of 30 Rock (which seems like overkill, TBH), Pete went back to getting paid to talk about Ariana at his stand-up show in Boston on New Year’s Eve. During the set, Pete kept it classy by talking about how he cried with his mom after the engagement ended, which is pretty sweet, and how “thank u, next” was a bold song made by an icon. He also bashed Louis C.K. for being an actual garbage person during the show, proving why we will always love Pete.

Ari referenced every single one of her past relationships in the first verse of “thank u, next,” which Pete noted is different from literally every other pop star who typically stays coy about the real-life inspirations behind their songs. “Not this wonderful lady,” he joked. “This diabolical genius named all of us.”

I wonder if Pete gives Ariana a heads-up before talking about their relationship in public like she did for him before releasing “thank u, next.” In the wise words of Taylor Swift: “If he drops my name, then I owe him nothing.”

We’re sure Ari will find love again (even if she doesn’t think so, LMAO), but congrats to her for making 2019 a much-needed year of recovery.