19 Super Awkward Celebrity Moments That Happened in 2019 (So Far)

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The courtside “drama” between Beyoncé and Nicole Curran

When ESPN shared a clip of Beyoncé looking annoyed as Nicole Curran leaned in to speak to Jay-Z, the Beyhive were quick to come to her defense. The R&B sensation never actually confirmed whether she had an issue with Nicole, but in the viral video, her facial expressions seemed to say it all. From the looks of it, Nicole was making her very uncomfortable by boxing her in. But fans took this way too far when they started bullying Nicole and sending death threats on social media. Regarding the interaction, Nicole explained: “There was no hostility. I was trying to be a good hostess.” Even Beyoncé’s publicist had to come out and encourage fans to not “spew hate in her name.”

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