16 Celebrities Who Speak Multiple Languages

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Celebrity Second Languages "Mad Men" Betty Draper Speak Italian


Hollywood is the place to be to make it in showbiz. That’s why celebrities and celeb hopefuls descend on Hollywood from all around the world. Tinseltown has its share of people from Down Unda’, Spain, Italy, Canada, Asia, France, India and much, much more. So it’s understandable that actors and actresses might not have English as their first language. What is surprising is when we hear about celebrity second languages. And it’s even more surprising to hear about trilingual or even quadrilingual celebs. Don’t those folks just get all the talent?

There are celebs, including a lot of ones who were born in English-speaking countries, who speak more than one language. No, not all of the second languages are Spanish or French. Sadly, a lot of stars haven’t had the opportunity to flex their language abilities in movies so their skills are more on the DL. (We’re lucky if we can hear a snippet of them speaking in foreign interviews.) We’re bringing celebrity language skills to the forefront. Scroll through the gallery to see 16 celebrities who speak surprising second (and third and fourth) languages.

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