18 Celebrities Who Have Difficult Relationships With Their Parents

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Angelina Jolie

Some cases of celebrities who are estranged from their parents are more on the down low while others are out in the open. In the case of Angelina Jolie, the problems with her dad, Jon Voight, are more well known – probably because they’re both in the biz and they have both been candid about speaking about their family dynamic in interviews. If you’re not up to speed on things, the drama seems to stem back from the early 2000s when Papa Voight allegedly said his daughter “has mental problems” and cheated on Ang’s mom Marcheline Bertrand. Unsurprisingly, the pair ended up estranged and the situation seemed pretty dire. But, it seems things are on the mend. Since Angelina’s six kids, the little ones have helped rebuild the father and daughter’s relationship. Yay.

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