20 Celebrities Reveal How They Got Famous

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Mandy Moore

mandy moore

Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com

Mandy Moore is best known for roles in instant classics like Tangled, A Walk to Remember, and This Is Us, but ’90s kids remember that this starlet got her start as a pop singer. Mandy told Into the Gloss that during her teens, she had a weird affinity for singing the National Anthem. She started taking her act to various sporting events in the area, and some dudes asked if she wanted to cut a demo. The summer before high school, Mandy used some money she made doing commercials to book studio time, and a FedEx delivery man heard her singing. As it turns out, that FedEx man was friends of a friend with the head of Urban A&R at Epic Records and passed her unfinished demo off to the studio big wigs.

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