20 Celebrities Reveal How They Got Famous

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Charlize Theron

Celebrity Big Breaks

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Never let anyone tell you that you’re being overdramatic. If Charlize Theron had kept her cool in 1994, she might not have become one of the world’s highest-paid actresses. After a knee injury ended her ballet career, Charlize bought a one-way ticket to Hollywood when she was 18 years old with dreams of making it in the film industry. O Magazine asked Charlize about the moment she met John Crosby, who became her manager, at a bank. The teller wouldn’t let her deposit an out-of-state check she needed to make rent, and overwhelmed with panic, Charlize began begging with him to find a loophole in the system. John was in line during Charlize’s performance and after she successfully cashed her check, he offered to represent her. Charlize has said she doesn’t think she would’ve become successful if she wasn’t in the bank that day.

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