15 Celebrities Who Went Through Major Beauty Transformations

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cher clueless gif makeover

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As usual, we have to agree with the iconic words of Cher Horowitz: we live for a makeover. All across Instagram, multiple accounts have dedicated themselves to documenting the triumphs and hilarious failures of celebrity beauty looks from years past. When grimacing at the skinny eyebrow trend of the ’90s or the over-bronzed going-out looks of the early 2000s clubbing scene, one can’t help but think about how far many celebrities have come in their beauty transformations. The fact is undeniable — many celebrities have gone through some serious changes.

Whether the beauty transformation is due to a trip to the tanning salon, a local Sephora, or even the plastic surgeon’s office (no judgment), these stars are looking better than ever. In fact, some celebrities’ looks from years ago are almost completely unrecognizable when compared to how they look in 2019.

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