The 16 Cutest Celebrity Best Friends

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Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams

Celebrity Best Friends Michelle Williams and Busy Phillipps


The relationship between Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams warms everyone’s hearts. The two have been supporting each other through thick and thin from way back in the day. They were another pair of celebrity best friends who met on set. This time, it was Dawson’s Creek in the ’90s. The show was a smash hit and it seems they struck up a friendship that will last a lifetime. It didn’t matter their characters didn’t do many scenes together; the ladies still clicked off-camera. Michelle has called Busy the “love of her life.” She stated, “[Busy]’s proof that the love of your life does not have to be a man!” Gosh. Busy has also been there to comfort Michelle after the passing of Heath Ledger. Busy revealed she almost got into a bar fight back in the day to “defend Michelle’s honor.”

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