18 Celebrities with Crazy Face Tattoos

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Tattoos are a big commitment. Once the ink is on your body, it’s pretty much there for life, save for cover ups or laser tattoo removal. So, you better make sure that you don’t end up with a tattoo fail, like many celebrities have. Tattoo fails go viral, especially if you’re famous and your ink is in a prominent spot. It’s a fact it is going to get talked about. A lot. These celebrities with face tattoos may or may not have considered this philosophy, but they don’t appear to be bothered about their prominent ink.

If the goal was to have a tattoo that would always be visible, these celebrity face tattoos definitely fit the bill. They aren’t hard to miss. Sometimes, not even glasses and hair can cover them up. And they have definitely become a part of the celebrity’s lewk. Scroll through the gallery to see photos of 18 celebrities with face tattoos.

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