18 Celebrities with Crazy Face Tattoos

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Wiz Khalifa

VMA ACelebrity Face Tattoos Wiz Khalifa

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Here is another one of the most famous celebrities with face tattoos. Wiz Khalifa is tatted up to the top of his neck. His face might not be as fully covered in tattoos as the rest of his body, but the rapper still has multiple teeny-tiny face tattoos. A lot of them are clustered around the outer corners of his eyes, plus, there are a few around his hairline. Some designs also extend from the neck up to the jawline. All of the face tattoos are black. They include a peace sign, stars, a feather, a pot leaf, initials, and words. If you want to look like the “See You Again” performer without permanent body modification, there are a number of temporary tattoos inspired by the rapper’s signature ink.

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