18 Celebrities with Crazy Face Tattoos

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Post Malone

VMA ACelebrity Face Tattoos Post Malone

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Post Malone might actually win for the most face tattoos. He doesn’t just have one or two tattoos, he has a bunch of them. You’ve probably lost count of how many different iterations the look has gone through. The “Always Tired” tattoos below each of his eyes are the ones that stand out the most. Same goes with the “Stay Away” ink above his right eyebrow. Then there’s the sword across his cheek, the tiny heart, the small smiley face, the finger peace sign, oh, and the barbed wire across his forehead. It turns out there is a pretty simple reason for all the tattoos. No, insomnia isn’t what the “Always Tired” tattoo is about. The “Sunflower” rapper explained the tattoos are, “anything to piss my mom off.” There you go.

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