18 Celebrities with Crazy Face Tattoos

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Lil Wayne

Celebrity Face Tattoos Lil Wayne


Lil Wayne‘s face tattoos are a signature of his look along with his long dreadlocks and sunglasses. The four tears (two on one eye, one on the other, and one on his mouth) are probably the most iconic. In addition to these, Weezy has “Fear” and “God” tattoos across his eyelids. Just imagine how painful that ink must have been. We’re not done. The rapper also has a cross tattoo between his brows. On the left side of his face by his temple and hairline, he has a design featuring multiple stars and “misunderstood.” One of the most unique tattoos has to be the black eye tattoo on his lower chin. If looked at quickly or from far away, someone could mistake it for facial hair.

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